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  Hey there tiktakers! Do you remember the video about the SevenWonders of the Ancient World? Lots of you loved it, and left comments asking for a part 2, talking about the Seven Wonders of the Modern World… and finally… herethey are! Are you ready to discover some new and beautifulplaces? The Seven Wonders of the Modern World area series of monuments chosen through a public contest with more than 100 million participantsall around the world, inspired by the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Do you wanna know which were the chosen ones? We are starting off in Latin America, specificallyin Peru, to visit the Machu Picchu, the old sacred city of the Incas. This impressive mountain ridge is located80 kilometers northeast of the city of Cuzco, and it was built during mid 15th century overa granitemountain, 2 thousand and 5 hundred meter above the sea level. Built with great blocks of rocks connectedto one another, it became a great political, religious and administrative center back inthe day. And we are staying for a bit longer in LatinAmerica, going to Mexico now, to visit one of the archaeological jewels in the Máyanculture: the Chichén Itzá. It’s a prehispanic city founded around theyear 525 before Christ, consolidated around the 16th century as the center of power inthe Yucatán peninsula. Here, we can visit the Temple of a ThousandWarriors, the “El Caracol” “The Snail” Observatory, or the most famous: the pyramidof Kukulkán. Without a doubt, a very special place we shouldall visit at least once in our life! Before crossing the pond, we’ll talk aboutthe last Wonder in the American continent! We’ll travel now to Brazil, specificallyto the city of Río de Janeiro. There, we are welcomed by Christ the Redeemer,a magnificent statue 30 meters tall, and an 8-meter tall pedestal that represents Jesusof Názareth. This figure is considered a national symbol,and it seems to be embracing the city from its position 700 meters above the sea level. And now it’s turn to stop in Europe, tovisit one of its most famous monuments. In Rome, Italy, the Roman Colosseumis waitingfor us! A historical stage where gladiators used tofight. Built at the end of the 1st century afterChrist… it gathered up to 55 thousand people! Even tho the structure is severely damaged,it’s still one of the symbols of the Imperial Rome and roman architecture, and is visitedevery year by, approximately, 5 million tourists. Our next destination is the Jordanian cityof Petra, in the Middle East. This town is one of the main attractions ofthe country, it’s literally a city carved in stone! It was built in the 7th century by the Arabiantribe of the Nabataeans , and it still has temples, palaces, houses and promenades. But not everything is gonna be that easy…in order to make it to Petra, you must go through a really narrow gorge known as theSiq, almost 2 km long. Tho… we are sure the effort IS worth it! Going a bit to the east, in India, we canalso find another emblematic monument in the world, the Taj Mahal. This is an impressive máusoleum made of whitemarble. The emperor Shah Jahan ordered to build itin honor to one of his wives, who died giving birth to his last child. It was built between 1631 and 1654, in thecity of Agra, on the banks of the Yamuna River, and it’s considered the most beautiful palacein the world, combining different architectonic styles, such as persian or islamic. Last but not least, we have the last Wonderin this list, which is also one of the most famous ones! The Great Wall of China is one of the mostmagnificent constructions in the world, and it was built to defend the country from invasionsof enemies. It goes all the way from the border with Koreaup to the Gobi Desert, for more than 21 thousand km. Nowadays, only 30% of the original structureis still standing. Some people describe it as the greatest engineeringwork in the world! And this is the end of our trip around the7 Wonders of the Modern World, tiktakers! Have you visited any of them? And… did you know there is also a list ofthe Seven Natural Wonders of the World? Would you like to know about them? We are reading your comments! 


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