How to convert your website to app in these simple steps

 creating an app Android app for yourwebsite is really easy now since the development of Sketchware​. Sketchware​lets you develop a new app for your website and it's the easiest thingeasier than any other app. Only thing you need to do is start a new project in Sketchware​ and write the name of your app. Here I will be converting my into an app, so I'll just name it Medcounts. Medcounts.. andthen you can choose package name. You can write any package name. And then you can choose any project name. Here I'll change the project nameto Medcounts. Okay.. and then the version of your app.if you want to choose favicon you can also choose it from this best website by just clicking here  Here I am leaving it blank to save time. Now save these things, and you'll reach a placewhere you can build your app. Here you need to drag and drop scrollV. Scrollvertical scroll button. And then you can change its properties and make its widthmatch parent. Also what you need to do is remove the padding. Then you can go back. Now drag and drop awebview into this scroll view. (Found later: webview outside scrollview scrolls better) and in properties of webview..... Now goto LOGIC. In logic in oncreate method, go to view and drag and drop webview loadUrl​. Select the webview widget and then write the name of the website which you want to convertinto app. Here I am writing my website name. Then once you are done with this whatyou can do is add a new event onBackPressed. In this onBackPressed, use control,if and else control. In if and else.. control, use if webview​can go back, then webview should go back. WebView goBack. Otherwise you should finish activity.That's all. You are done now. You can save your project and then run it. Here is your app. Your app is ready now​. Here is my app, Itopens my website. All the links are working perfectly fine in this. On clicking at the back button it goesback and if it can't go back it exits the website. you can... now after doing this you canget your site you can get the apk file for your site by Send install file apk. For this you need to create aservice certificate. You can keep any password for that. You can sendit to your email or you can save it directly to mobile if you have ES explorer.Thank you very much. It's the end of the video.

Hello WordPress enthusiasts and welcome toour channel. My name is Robert and during this video, I willtest a reasonably new thanks to convert your WordPress blog into a mobile app by using the world'sfirst AI-powered mobile app builder. AppMySite could be a web-based software that usesAI to present you a simple thanks to build a native Android or iOS app for your WordPressblog, website or perhaps for your online store powered by WooCommerce. to try to to that visit, link in thedescription box, then click start free. Choose the plan that's right for you and moveforward. As you'll be able to see, there are three pricing planson the following page and that i will pick the free plan which will allow me only to preview theapp, which is simply fine for now. refill all the small print in these fields carefullystarting along with your Name so type in your email address below. i'm the web site owner so i'll select thefirst choice during this drop-down but you'll select Freelance Developer or Website DevelopmentCompany. Type in an exceedingly strong password and make sure thatyou aren't a robot by checking this box, wait until the green checkmark appears andthen click Register below. If your password isn't strong enough, youwill get this message and you wish to feature more alphanumeric characters. Now that you simply finally have a robust password,click Register and you'll be redirected to the Welcome page where you'll be able to start buildingyour app. So, click Build App and on the following page,enter details like your website address, which should start with HTTPS then www or simplyenter your name. My blog is which is builton the WordPress CMS Platform so I'll stick with the default selection during this drop-down. What kind of website is it? Blog, as I already mentioned without WooCommerceso I pick blog during this drop-down and so click Build App below. i believe I can change these settings laterin my account if needed. The name of my blog is Cool GadgetsFit, obviously, but it seems that the quantity of characters is proscribed so i will be able to stay withthe first two words. On the subsequent page, i want to pick out an appicon made out of text and color settings or I can upload a logo alsoi might prefer to use my logo so let's clickUpload up here and pick the square logo made for my Facebook Page. Select the image, click open, crop and saveand i'm done. this is often how the brand will look on a mobiledevice so if you're satisfied, click Next. Its time to style my launch screen whichis the primary screen my app users will see after they click on the app icon. the identical thing up here, I can select a backgroundimage or text over color. If you click Select Background Image you cansearch related images within the media library or upload your own image. i will be able to stick with text over color for now andclick next. this can be the Login & join up screen where Iwould wish to select a background image associated with gadgets within the library so i will be able to type ingadgets up here then click on search. i feel this image looks o.k. so clickon the image to pick it so click Done. moneyedi'd prefer to change the text color to orange,yeah, it's great and therefore the background of the button too. the colour of the text is healthier to be white,I guess, then I click next. Here is that the screen where i want to style mymobile app layout which is able to change the way my Top header and footer Button look. i would like to vary only the first color overhere to orange and my button color to black. or even opposite with the button text coloras black. Looks better, right? Click next then i want to pick and designsections for my app home screen. I can activate and off the blog banner andother things below and that i can put off my pages, as an example. Whenever you are feeling ready, click Next and youare done. Before verifying the app, i want to installthe AppMySite plugin on my WordPress website. once I click on Take me there, it'll bringme right into the dashboard of the web site I chose within the opening move. So i do not must undergo the long processof downloading then uploading it to my website or look for it within the plugin repository. Let me log in firs and so click Take methere. As you'll see, it'll open the plugin'spage in search results on my dashboard and that i can click Install Now then Activateit right here. Now that the plugin is active, I can go backto and click on on Verify. Now I can plow ahead and build the menu andchange other things also. I can favor to create a custom menu or Ican use the one active on my website, the first Menu, as an example. Then i would like to click next and if everythingis founded correctly, it should go straight to the welcome screen of my app. this can be my App Preview which to be honestis a touch bit boring. I can check the connectivity at any time byaccessing this menu in my account. It should show up these green checkmarks ifeverything is connected and dealing well. I can modify my app settings up here andI can use the username of my brand's social media accounts to integrate them with my app. Let me return to the looks settingsand change the background of my Launch Screen. to try to to that i'll select a picture from thelibrary so I'll seek for gadgets and pick the identical image because the one on my Login & SignUp screen. Yeah, it's far better now but I recommendusing your own images. be at liberty to vary some settings below orupload a custom logo then click save and you're good to travelto check my app on a true device, i would like togo to App Preview and click on on this button. i believe it's great that I can publish it toGoogle Play and within the iOS App Store easily by clicking on this button so I justneed to select the platform i would like. Let's return to the preview for now and seethe demo of my WordPress blog converted into a mobile app. Just click check in with these credentialsand it'll open the homepage. I can see the blog categories on top of myrecent blog posts and if I navigate to the primary category it'll open all of my blogposts in this category. Well, I only have two blog posts for now sothis is it. Let's try the complete blog post. it's just like the images don't seem to be resized automaticallyto fit the screen and that i don't have any idea if this is often just a preview bug or it might be somethingwrong with the app or my blog is broken? Let me open the identical blog post in Chrome andshrink down the window. As you'll be able to see, my blog is 100% mobile responsiveso it can be something wrong with the app, and that i hope it'll be fixed soon. If i would like to check the app on a true device,I need to induce the official AppMySite app on Google Play or within the App Store for iOS. Let me open BlueStacks which is an Androidemulator for Windows and test it out. i would like to look for AppMySite and installit. Log in so click on the app icon. it's prefer it has the identical responsive issues,so this might be a controversy. You know, if the content of a mobile app isnot mobile responsive, it's useless. Despite this tiny problem, the service lookspromising and it's easy to use, right? does one know better alternatives for convertinga WordPress website into a mobile app? Give me some names within the comments sectionbelow and that i will test them in future videos. continue the nice work and see you within the nextvideo. Cheers!


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