Get rid of all breathing problems by using these exercises

Hey i am a doctor and I'll will help with things likeCOPD, asthma, emphysema, and even bronchitis. so let's start. for the breathing exercises, one in every of the nice training tools is using inspiratory muscle training. and this is often really great forthings like COPD and asthma, and every one those other things because the musclesthat you employ to breathe, are the items that help us breathe, so ifthey're weak or if they don't seem to be working properly, that's once you have all thoseother issues. so plenty of research shows that that inspiratory muscle training,the increase those muscles, is what really helps with the breathing. so ifyou're having a tough time breathing, I'm visiting show you some exercises thathelp thereupon. and therefore the thanks to really try this inspiratory muscle training is kindof just restricting airflow coming in. so you've got your lungs and people muscleshave to figure harder to urge that air into your lungs. so an excellent tool that you simply canuse for that's a high altitude training mask. and also the folks at perpetual air sentme their mask. so I'm really just visiting speak about it today as a rehab toolto help increase those muscles and strengthening the lungs and everything,but what's so great about it's you'll be able to see here that after you set it on, andI'll put it completely on in a very second, appears like Bane, it makes it a lotharder to breathe. so your muscles need to work harder to induce that air in. sothis could be a great tool because you're exercising those muscles that sometimesare hard to work out the way to exercise. you'll be able to walk, and you'll be able to do exercises,but to urge that extra training you would like to cut back that airflow, and also the perpetualair really does that. and what's super great about this mask is it's fourdifferent levels on either side. so it restricts the air flow even more. so ifyou do one on this side it makes it a bit bit harder to breathe. you'll be able to dothem together and you'll go all the high to four which makes it even morerestricted. so it's just more exercise for your lungs and people muscles aroundyour lungs. so you furthermore mght have these which get into here to form it more in addition. so you'd commence with these, and if youget strong enough where you'll get to four on either side and you wish it evenmore restricted, then you'll add those in moreover. so if you've got an ailmentlike COPD, asthma, the bronchitis, emphysema, i might initiate with yourexercises without that mask, but once you get going you'll be able to definitely put this onto get a much better training and really start getting some better breathing. andthen when you're doing all of your everyday activities, and you do not have the maskon, it makes it that much easier to breathe because your muscles have beentrained for that. that the way these work is pretty neat because this oneparticularly has the way you'll be able to put around it it disclose then this partis nice and smooth. so this one goes reasonably over your head so there's anadjustable strap within the back. so I'm visiting put it on. are you able to hear me now? and then I'm gonna inhale. and then you'll see that I'm having towork a touch bit harder for that. so I'm visiting get in the exercises now. I'mjust gonna do the primary one with the mask so I'm visiting do the otherones without the mask because i actually want you to try and do the exercises firstwithout the mask, then if you're progressing and you're doing well, thenyou can get the mask and sleep with. therefore the first one, the primary one is you're goingto inhale only for about two seconds along with your|along with your} mouth closed and so out forfour seconds with your lips pursed like that. almost like you're sucking througha straw. but once you have the mask on you do not necessarily need to purse yourlips because it's doing all of that for you, but really attempt to breathe thosetwo seconds nice and robust, so four seconds breath. so you're reallyjust working those muscles within the lungs. so you'll see if you're doing it alongwith me, whether or not you are doing it without the mask, but just inhaling a bit bitand blowing out it gets you winded pretty quickly. so I'm gonna bed onemore time without the mask on so you'll be able to see what I'm doing with my lips. sobreathing, in mouth closed. so you're really just trying to induce all thatexcess air out, and you're pursing your lips to form it harder to. that the great thingabout the mask is it goes both ways, not just the blowing out, so that's why Ireally just like the concept of using the mask for this stuff. but confirm ifyou're brooding about using the mask, talk along with your doctor or your physicaltherapist or your respiratory therapist because you would possibly nearly be ready forthis. so ensure that you simply get the okay to be ready to use something that makesit a bit bit harder. so if you're inquisitive about purchasing the perpetualair mask, ensure and click on on the join up there. therefore the next exercise is justgoing to be getting your muscles working using your arms to induce all the musclesgoing similarly. so you are still visiting be inhaling through your mouth,purse your lips, then blowing out, but now you are going to feature somearm movement in there. so just clasp your hands come in front of you, arms nice andstraight. and then this point you do not should worry about the seconds you wish totake a pleasant deep breath. so you'll do that for a touch while so you're gonnabreathe in through your nose and purse and go. so you would like to blow the maximum amount as you'll be able to to urge all that air out of the lungs. nice deep breath in, and again if you're readyto fuck with the mask you'll have intercourse with the mask too, but by doing thisyou're commencing to work these chest muscles also and that they all worktogether for breathing. so that's really really important furthermore. so the lastexercise is admittedly just diaphragmatic breathing. so this can be really important todo because using your diaphragm it's that big huge muscle in there that helpswith the lungs yet. then plenty of times when we're breathing, we justbreathe really shallow. studies show that when we're just breathing normally weonly use about 10 to fifteen percent of our lung capacity, and that is not much.these things are nice and large, so you would like to be ready to get that air in andget it out. so when you're doing diaphragmatic breathing,it's sometimes people call it belly breathing, then what you're reallydoing is inhaling through your belly versus your chest. so plenty of timespeople wish to reasonably place their hand on their belly, place a hand on theirchest. the hand on your chest really shouldn't move. it should not be risingand taking place. the movement should be at your stomach. so that's how you'll tell.some people prefer to reasonably put their hands like this, and then you'll see yourhands stepping into and out. i prefer this one a bit bit better. sometimes lying downis a bit bit better too because you'll see the stomach moving, but I'm justgoing to quite show you here, and see if you'll see where I'm gonna breathein and my stomach's gonna start up, so exhale and it coming in. Is mytummy growling? i have to be hungry. so as you'll see, that hands coming in and outand this one's just quite staying still. and as you are doing it more, you'll beable to take a breath more and respire more and it is a really relaxing tool aswell. so if you are a little wired, especially if you're having somebreathing issues, doing that diaphragmatic breathing really works aswell and you'll try this with the mask on too, but ensure you're justbuilding up thereto so getting there. if you're curious about a bit bitmore exercises you'll try my other video. i'm going into some otherexercises moreover. so those were your breathing exercises that will help with things like COPD, asthma, bronchitis, and evenemphysema. so if you're curious about purchasing the perpetual air highaltitude mask, ensure and click on up there. and do not forget to subscribe byclicking down there. and remember be safe, have fun, and that i hope you're feeling better soon.


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