Advantages and disadvantages of free PubG uc or royal pass

 Advantages and disadvantages of free PubG uc or royal pass  

HelloGoogle, welcome to my website I'll tell you advantages and drawback of 600 UC Royal Pass also I'll do comparision with Free and 1800 UC Royal Pass Before starting the video, I would like to thank you guys for supporting me so much On my last video, more than 400 people have said "Love you bro" till nowI really can't explain how I am feeling about it and how much you matter to me That's why I'm replying everyone properly, if in case I miss out 2-3 comments by mistakethen please don't think that I'm ignoring you guys I have replied more than 1000 people properly, and those who I haven't replied yet, I will :) I wont ever clickbait you guys on this channel I you find this video interesting then hit the like button and If you're new, and you would like to be a part of my YouTube family, then subscribe my channel In today's next video, I will give 600 UC Elite Royal Pass to Two people, this is your last chance to participate in this giveaway [To participate, Follow the instructions above] Kindly have some patience my fam, If incase I get a little late in uploading next video as I am replying everyone (takes a lot of time) and making these videos take 8-10 hours Well I'm going out of topic :D let's start the video first without any further delay You already know there are 3 kinds of Royal Pass as shown above Free Royal Pass has different rewards than Elite and Elite Plus as they both are paid ones. First lets talk about Free Royal Pass In the Upper row, you can see the Free Royal Pass Reward Items In the Lower row, you can see the Paid Royal Pass Reward Items As you Rank up your Royal Pass Rank, you will get these rewards at specific Ranks You can now see a table on screen, on the left are the parameters that I'll compare Daily missions are available in all 3 passes, you get 10 daily Free Royal Points in every Royal Pass You will get 2500 extra Royal Points instantly only through Elite Plus Royal Pass You'll get Free Royal Pass items in all 3 Royal Passes You'll get exclusive Royal Pass items only through Elite & Elite Plus Royal Pass Now I'll tell you how much Royal Points you can earn through each Royal Pass You can see, you get 10 free royal points daily, a season is of 60 days this way you get 600 Royal Points After that comes Daily Missions, every you get 1 daily mission that gives you 30 points a season has total of 60 days therefore, 30x60 = 1800, and you get 1800 points through daily missions Then there are Free missions that are worth 350 points per week, through free missions you can get 2800 Royal Points in 8 weeks Then there are Elite missions that are worth 375 points per week, through these missions you can get 3000 Royal Points in 8 weeks Then you get a 200 Royal Points reward crate, after completing 10 RP Missions every week Then there are Event Missions, you can check in event section, there you get missions that give you 5,10,15,30 Royal Points on completion and in the 2 month Season you definately get more than 200 Royal Points through Event missions If you don't get Elite Plus Royal Pass then, event missions are very important because if you don't complete them, then you will have 200 Royal Points less, and so you will have a hard time reaching Rank 100 then you can see you get 2500 extra Royal Points with Elite Plus Pass Then lets talka bbout how many maximum Points you can earn through each Royal Pass You can earn 7000 points through free Royal Pass You can earn 10000 points through Elite Royal Pass You can earn 12500 points through Elite Plus Royal Pass You can see above that 7000 points can only take you to Rank 70,which means Free Royal Pass can only take you to Rank 70 and Elite and Elite Plus Royal Pass will take you to Rank 100 Elite Plus Royal pass will give you benefit of having 2500 extra points when you reach Rank 100 These extra points can be redeemed for items after reaching Rank 100 Now that I have explained to you about all 3 Royal Passes, its upto you totally which one you would like to buy 1800 UC Royal Pass will give you benefit of reaching rank 100 without playing much because you will get 2500 extra royal points and Season 6 will give you an exclusive elite plus avatar frame with elite plus royal pass so definitely its more beneficial for you From the prize point of view, 600 UC pass is great as well, you just have to play the game more if you choose it its much cheaper than 1800UC royal pass I too bought 600UC Royal Pass infact, I am even giving away 600 UC royal pass only I high recommend you guys to get 600 UC Royal Pass if you can play the game enough it only has one drawback, that skipping or missing daily free points and free missions would give you a hard time in reaching rank 100 and on the other hand Elite Plus would definitely get you to Rank 100 If you don't play the game much, then you should go for 1800 UC Royal Pass only Even if you cannot buy Elite Royal Pass, you can still reach Rank 60 easily, and redeem a free weapon skin at Rank 60 and DON'T be sad about being being able to buy Royal Pass,because in my opinion I guess only SKILL matters no matter how good items you have, but if you don't play well enough, you won't be able to show it off because you're gonna die as soon as you enter the game I wanted to make this video from a long time, because I still see people who don't have knowledge about Royal Pass and they are still not able to redeem free items too many people asked me, why I didn't make video about 8100 UC glitch [LOOK UP] I would never like to tell you a risky trick that could get your account banned and maybe this is the reason why I never click air you guys too many youtubers are doing these things, they make fake videos, they cheat on livestream they clickbait, they copy other people's videos for which they worked hard, they crop them out and remove names they dont even bother to give credit, in fact my last video was reuploaded by some copy-cats That's why I had to place watermarks on this one : and I DON'T WANNA BE LIKE THEM, that's why I try to keep my content real my friends, checkout my other videos as well, they will be beneficial for you Till now, not even a single person has critisized me, and thousands of people have commented those who said "I love you" to me, I love you too See you guys in the next articles

Another article

 Hey guys, how are you today? welcome to another article of daily updates 420 If you're new here dont forget to subscribe guys, and press the bell icon to get timely updates In this video i will tell you a number of things such as what all you get in prime plus also i'll tell you in detail how many UC you will get for the money you are paying You will also be able to decide whether you should buy prime plus or not We will also open crates guys let see if we get lucky also would request you to watch the complete video as you would ask the same questions that i've answered in video already I will give you complete details in this video, please watch carefully First of all lets buy the prime plus membership So now we have the prime plus membership Lets see what all have we got in this membership As you can see we have got 20 UC, 10 RP, 50% OFF THE CRATE And option of buying items with BP Best part is that we will get 300 UC , 2 crates, 1 name card and 1 room card as well The last reward is only one time in the month Daily rewards are 20 UC, 10 RP points, 50% off crate and option to buy items from BP 20 UC per day = 600 UC/ mONTH You can collect them for 30 days in a month, if the month is of 31, still only 30 times max lets redeem these rewards now guys we got the 20 UC free Lets redeem the 10 rp POINTS NOW The best offer, 300 UC, 2 crates, ID card, room card Lets see what is waiting for us in the BP shop There are these hats which are really not worth it The good masks are not available right now Lets check out some outfits that we can buy There are 2 sets which we can buy with BP, also you can see the 7 Day, 30 day and permanent buying option, We should only go for the permanent ones as 7 days or 30 days does not make any sense Its only BP, so doesnt really matter Lets look out for some gun skins if available We can that we have some really cool skins but unfortunately they are not on sale for BP Lets see if we get the chance in near future to buy them with BP At least we got 2 permanent outfits As you've seen all the rewards now its your decision if you want to buy or not, but one more thing How many UC are you actually getting and how much will you pay for that From next month you will pay 850, so how many then, lets see As per me if you can afford, you should definitely buy the membership You wont have to buy UC separately if you buy this membership You will get more than enough UC with this plan, you are getting 600 UC FREE Then if you have the royal pass or you decide to buy it then you have the chance to get 600 more UC for the season One season lasts for almost 2 months, In the first month you will get a total of 1200 UC Now how you will get that ill tell you 900 from prime plus = 600 uc from daily collection and 300 UC upfront Apart from that by completing RP missions you will get 300 UC more in a month That comes our final sum to 1200 UC = 900 +300 But for that you have to complete the missions as well If you continue the membership then again you will get the same 1200 UC a month Again the same math applies, 600 from daily collection, 300 upfront and 300 from missions You are getting 1200 UC in 850 rupees after the introductory offer As per my judgement this is a good offer Even if you do not want to continue then also its really helpful If you had not bought royal pass till now, then you can buy it in only 400rs with additional UC You can use this UC anywhere in PUBG Mobile, many had this question this UC can be used anywhere or not Any item which supports UC payment can be bought by the UC that you will get In short this is the same as regular UC If you want to see how to cancel any of your subscription in google play you can watch my previous video You will get to know how to cancel prime or prime plus I've mentioned in details'how you can do that You can get to know how to cancel, check subscriptions and manage them as well I hope you like the article


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