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Seven wonders of the world...

  Hey there tiktakers! Do you remember the video about the SevenWonders of the Ancient World? Lots of you loved it, and left comments asking for a part 2, talking about the Seven Wonders of the Modern World… and finally… herethey are! Are you ready to discover some new and beautifulplaces? The Seven Wonders of the Modern World area series of monuments chosen through a public contest with more than 100 million participantsall around the world, inspired by the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Do you wanna know which were the chosen ones? We are starting off in Latin America, specificallyin Peru, to visit the Machu Picchu, the old sacred city of the Incas. This impressive mountain ridge is located80 kilometers northeast of the city of Cuzco, and it was built during mid 15th century overa granitemountain, 2 thousand and 5 hundred meter above the sea level. Built with great blocks of rocks connectedto one another, it became a great political, religious and administrative cent

How to get 10$ per day (earn money)

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Advantages and disadvantages of free PubG uc or royal pass

 Advantages and disadvantages of free PubG uc or royal pass   HelloGoogle, welcome to my website I'll tell you advantages and drawback of 600 UC Royal Pass also I'll do comparision with Free and 1800 UC Royal Pass Before starting the video, I would like to thank you guys for supporting me so much On my last video, more than 400 people have said "Love you bro" till nowI really can't explain how I am feeling about it and how much you matter to me That's why I'm replying everyone properly, if in case I miss out 2-3 comments by mistakethen please don't think that I'm ignoring you guys I have replied more than 1000 people properly, and those who I haven't replied yet, I will :) I wont ever clickbait you guys on this channel I you find this video interesting then hit the like button and If you're new, and you would like to be a part of my YouTube family, then subscribe my channel In today's next video, I will give 600 UC Elite Royal Pass to T

Get rid of all breathing problems by using these exercises

Hey i am a doctor and I'll will help with things likeCOPD, asthma, emphysema, and even bronchitis. so let's start. for the breathing exercises, one in every of the nice training tools is using inspiratory muscle training. and this is often really great forthings like COPD and asthma, and every one those other things because the musclesthat you employ to breathe, are the items that help us breathe, so ifthey're weak or if they don't seem to be working properly, that's once you have all thoseother issues. so plenty of research shows that that inspiratory muscle training,the increase those muscles, is what really helps with the breathing. so ifyou're having a tough time breathing, I'm visiting show you some exercises thathelp thereupon. and therefore the thanks to really try this inspiratory muscle training is kindof just restricting airflow coming in. so you've got your lungs and people muscleshave to figure harder to urge that air into your lungs. so an e

How to convert your website to app in these simple steps

  creating an app Android app for yourwebsite is really easy now since the development of Sketchware​. Sketchware​lets you develop a new app for your website and it's the easiest thingeasier than any other app. Only thing you need to do is start a new project in Sketchware​ and write the name of your app. Here I will be converting my into an app, so I'll just name it Medcounts. Medcounts.. andthen you can choose package name. You can write any package name. And then you can choose any project name. Here I'll change the project nameto Medcounts. Okay.. and then the version of your app.if you want to choose favicon you can also choose it from this best website by just clicking here    Here I am leaving it blank to save time. Now save these things, and you'll reach a placewhere you can build your app. Here you need to drag and drop scrollV. Scrollvertical scroll button. And then you can change its properties and make its widthmatch